Successfully delivering fully managed IT services to Fortune 500 companies


In 2010, Twitter realized that their IT needs outgrew their existing hosting provider (NTT Communications). Twitter issued a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) in which BCR won and was selected to implement a migration and growth strategy. BCR facilitated the identification of land and electricity and managed the data center design and construction to build a 36,000 sq ft purpose-built data center in Bluffdale, Utah. This was officially Twitter’s first company owned data center.

In 2014 the VP of Data Center Operations for NY Life contracted BCR to facilitate a Request for Proposal (RFP) with IBM that would allow NY Life to downsize and consolidate their data centers around the world. BCR negotiated on behalf of IBM, a $501-million-dollar contract to downsize and close down NY Life’s data centers and migrate the IT workloads along with support staff to IBM and Tata Communications.


In 2020 Mears Group contracted with BCR to identify land and power that would accommodate a 2-phase immersion cooling 1.5MW data center. BCR selected a quiet area in Georgia, negotiated the land and power contacts and is in the process of identifying potential customers to utilize this infrastructure. Once complete, Mears Group is looking to expand this capability nationwide along major US pipeline projects.

Merlin TPS

In 2021 MerlinTPS and BCR have joined forces to help MerlinTPS identify potential strategic partners or customers to help deploy their solution that addresses the vulnerabilities that exist in our national energy and power grid. Our modern society is completely dependent on GPS for not only navigation and emergency services, but to maintain the precise timing required for the power grid, communication networks, and data centers. Once complete, MerlinTPS is looking to expand their technology nationwide to protect America’s critical infrastructure. Time transfer synchronization accuracy is extremely critical to protecting the U.S. energy grid and communications infrastructure from disastrous outages.

Well-positioned to take advantage of this pivotal moment in history

The Internet is known as the backbone of the World Wide Web, connecting people, companies, and governments across the Earth. Blockchain is taking precedence as a decentralized fault tolerant network that shares live time validated data amongst all parties that access the application. Like the Internet, Blockchain will once again revolutionize interactions within the human population by validating data that is securely shared. Bitcoin is one technology that takes advantage of blockchain, and while not a traditional safe-haven asset, offers an interesting alternative to gold as a non-correlated, deflationary store of value during what may be the most tumultuous economic period of this century.

BCR is in position to utilize its decades of experience, elite class of vendors, capability of understanding how and where to uncover land and power, and blend cutting edge technologies together to rapidly develop and expand its current blockchain facilities, thus capitalizing on this moment in time.