“Create the world’s most efficient, eco-friendly, speed to market solutions for data centers and the cloud while efficiently leveraging high performance computing for emerging technologies”

BCR will achieve 100% Net
Carbon-Neutrality in 2022

BCR selected Georgia as a place to conduct business and develop high density blockchain infrastructure due to its historic conservational roots and its ability to produce affordable, reliable, green commercial energy. BCR will achieve 100% net-carbon neutrality in 2022. We believe that the steady electrical load that digital asset mining provides to utility companies will help serve as a catalyst that significantly accelerates the adoption of renewable energies. We look forward to being a leader in this charge.

Since 2008, BCR has made a name as a trusted technology advisor by selecting top industry partners and utilizing cutting-edge infrastructure solutions to solve for the next generation of technology advancements. These existing long-term relationships help us pave the way for our “Speed to Market” approach.

Time is the most important asset we have. Our team knows exactly what to purchase and from whom, so we can be as efficient with our resources as possible. Our experience allows us to set tighter timelines, accomplish goals faster and be more efficient than larger bureaucratic companies.